R & D

Vagerta is a company that combines R&D and applications in different locations and different conditions. We are living in a world of scarce resources. To manage the resource efficiently one must have a different approach than conventional producers. In Vagerta we are making R&D activities to find efficient inputs for our products which have never been used before. After very long testing phases our projects transform into products.

Our Main R&D Topics

Soil Conditioners

Humic – Fulvic Acids 

Organic Acids 

Colloidal Liquid Sulphur

 Compost and Leonardite

Plant grow controllers = Pulverize (Toz) / Liquid

Root Growth Activators 

Germination and Growth Activator Agents 

Fruit Sizer and Blossom Forming  Amino Acids

Microbial Agents

Useful Bacterias and Ferment Cultures 

Mycorrhizal (Mikoriza) ve Trichoderma variety

Trace Elements and Chelate agents

The combination of chelating agent-trace elements

Water soluble and available for the roots.